Before reading, please note this is sort of an old piece. I'm posting it in the form I left it in, any awkward sentences or grammatical errors are there to stay.



14:00 HOURS

The wind cut my face, I let my arms hang freely and felt my heart beat a hundred times a second. I was falling. Holy shit, I was falling. I’m at terminal velocity. This was a one time thing, there were no do-overs. I continued falling, scanning for an area without trees or water. Once I found it, I started commanding the wind to push me there, watching my altitude as I went. I noticed my equipment rattling all around me, but forced myself to pay attention to my height. When it ticked to 5,000 feet, I yanked my cord and felt my parachute snap my body backwards. I continued to steer myself to the ground, I felt hours go by as I descended 5,000 feet.

I landed on the ground hard. I crumpled like paper when my feet hit the hard, compacted soil. Pushing myself up, I grabbed my rifle and scanned the surrounding area. Nothing. I started making my way to the treeline for cover, keeping as constant a pace as I could. I found a building and cut the pie, my trusty M1911 leading the way as a four foot long bolt action was less than ideal for close quarters combat. I made my way up to the second floor and found a corner to collect my thoughts in.

I crawled over and shoved my Russian rifle out of the window. In a split second the scene went from peacefully quiet to deafening as I heard the crack of sustained fire from an LMG. I immediately made my way to a window on the other end of the building. Not thinking, I dolphin dived out and landed on the hard soil, again. I turned on my heels to the right and sprinted in that direction, my eyes constantly darting around looking for any movement. I found another abandoned building and after hearing the distinct fire of an anti-material rifle I scrambled up the ladder.

Making no attempt to hide my presence, I jammed my .45 the rest of the way up the ladder. I felt it hit something and immediately unloaded a round. Throwing the dead weight off of my wrist, I made my way up the ladder to collect dog tags and scavenge ammunition. Looking around, I saw two targets making their way to the intel I was tasked to defend. I quickly moved the sights of my rifle to one of their heads. Another confirmed kill. His comrade immediately turned and sprayed lead my way, pushing me off the ladder. Miraculously, I twisted my body in the precise way needed to fall on my feet, though I felt my knee absorb all the impact and nearly bend backwards.

I pointed myself in the same direction the two targets had been moving in and pushed my body to its physical limit, hoping to outflank my remaining enemy. I met my teammates at our intel, who were immediately gunned down. Through the bloody rain, I couldn’t see where their executor was, but six panic shots silenced him.

Making good use of this opportunity, I ran into a nearby building and dove up the stairs, waiting for the enemy to move in. After an agonizingly long amount of time, I decided to peak. Nothing. I made my way down the stairs and sprinted opposite the direction I came to intercept any more forces on their way.

While making my way up I heard the whiz of a bullet fly right by my head, before I could take cover pink mist wrapped ‘round my head. All my muscles failed as I fell to the ground and the scene went black.

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